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Club rules

1. Name and Premises

The name of the club shall be "The Senior Common Room" (hereinafter called "the club").

The club premises shall be the rooms in the Queen's Building known as the SCR Bar and SCR Lounge.

2. Objects

The club is established for the provision of social and cultural facilities for its members.

3. Membership

Members of the club shall be the following, if aged 18 or over:

  • All employees of Queen Mary
  • Post-graduate students of Queen Mary pursuing a course of research.

Membership shall be subject to the payment of such subscription as may be decided from time to time at a General Meeting. Members who retire while in service shall continue to be members without further subscription.

Additionally, membership may be offered from time to time to other individuals and other categories of persons at the discretion of the Management Committee and such membership shall continue for the period of time determined by the Management Committee.

Persons otherwise eligible for membership but who are under 18 shall be Junior Members. Junior Members shall enjoy all privileges and obligations of membership except that they and their guests shall not be supplied with intoxicating liquors.

4. Withdrawal of membership

The Management Committee may at any time withdraw membership from any member of the club or exclude a member from particular facilities of the club, and may at any time restore membership to or discontinue the exclusion of any such member.

5. Officers

The officers of the club shall be:

  • The Chairman
  • The Vice-chairman
  • The Secretary

These officers shall be nominated and elected as part of the Management Committee elections.

  • A Treasurer, who shall be appointed by the Management Committee and who shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee.
  • Management Committee
    There shall be a Management Committee consisting of:
    • twelve elected members
    • the Treasurer if not already an elected member
    • co-opted members.
    The total number of co-opted members shall not exceed six.

The elected members of the Committee shall be elected by ballot as determined by the Annual General Meeting subject to the voting procedures (Appendix 1).

Six committee members shall retire in any one year, the elected term of office being two years.

The elected members will take office from the conclusion of one Annual General Meeting. No member may be re-elected more than once without a break of at least one year.

An elected Committee member may resign in writing to the club Chairman. Vacancies so caused shall be filled by nomination of the Management Committee for the remainder of his term of office. A member thus appointed shall be treated as an elected member for the purposes of Schedule 7 of the Licensing Act 1964 and subsequent legislation.

The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt non-elected members to serve on the Committee. Such Committee members do not have voting rights.

The quorum at a Committee meeting shall be three voting members.

7. Responsibility

Except as provided in Rule 9, the Management Committee shall be responsible for:

  • the general management of the premises
  • deciding the overall financial policy, of the club
  • the proper conduct of the financial affairs of the club.

8. Bar Committee

There shall be a Bar Committee responsible for the purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor. The Bar Committee shall consist of the twelve elected members of the Management Committee. The Bar Committee shall appoint a Bar Sub-committee to administer the day to day running of the bar. This sub-committee shall consist of not less than four and not more than six elected members of the Management Committee. The Sub-committee will report in writing to the Bar Committee for ratification of their actions.

9. Supply of intoxicants

Intoxicating liquors may be supplied only to the members of the club and their bona fide guests except that intoxicants for consumption on the said premises may be sold to persons who are not members or guests but only on special occasions approved by the Bar Committee.

10. Permitted Hours

The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicants shall be decided by the Bar Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act 1964 and subsequent legislation.

11. Sub-committees

The Management Committee shall appoint from time to time such committees as are necessary to administer the day to day running of the club facilities. The sub-committees shall report in writing to the Management Committee for ratification of their actions.

12. Annual General Meeting

There shall be an Annual General Meeting. This Meeting meeting shall normally be held on the last Friday of January each year. At this meeting the agenda will include:

  • results of ballot for election of Officers and Committee members
  • Chairman's report for the previous year
  • an audited statement of accounts and balance sheet presented by the Treasurer. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be 25 members present within fifteen minutes of the advertised starting time.

13. Amendment of Rules

The members of the club may alter amend or revoke rules at an Annual General Meeting by a two thirds majority vote of those present and voting. Such proposed rule changes must be submitted to the Secretary in writing as a proposed and seconded motion and displayed on the Committee notice board for at least one month before the meeting.

14. Special General Meeting

If at any Annual General Meeting there is no quorum, the Management Committee may convene a Special General Meeting to be no less than fourteen days and not more than twelve weeks after the Annual General Meeting. Notice of this Special General Meeting, stating the proposed agenda, shall be displayed on the Committee notice board for a period of not less than seven days before the meeting.

The Special General Meeting may consider any or all of the items on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting which it follows, but no others, and shall have power to decide these matters as if it were an Annual General Meeting.

25 members present within fifteen minutes of the advertised starting time of a Special General Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

If at any Special General Meeting there is no quorum, the matters on the agenda shall be referred to the Management Committee who shall have power to decide them and who shall display upon the Committee notice board the decisions so taken.

15. General Meetings

A General Meeting may be called at any time by a vote of the Management Committee or by a petition to it by the members carrying at least 30 signatures of members. Members must be given at least seven days notice of such a meeting by the proposed agenda and any resolutions submitted being posted on the Committee notice board for a period of seven days before the meeting.

16. Club Year

The club year shall for the purposes of these rules commence after the AGM in each year and end after the AGM in the subsequent year.

Appendix I - SCR Elections

  1. The elections shall be by e-mail ballot and will be held in the last week of Semester A in each year.
  2. Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary of the SCR Management Committee by the first day of December of the same year. Each nomination shall have a proposer and two seconders and should also be endorsed by the candidate. Curriculum vitae may be submitted at the same time.
  3. The Secretary shall, within 10 days of nomination closing, display the candidates' names and curriculum vitae on the notice board of the club. He will also arrange for the candidates' names to be published in any available newsletter of the University.
  4. Only members whose names appear on the current membership list are eligible to vote.
  5. Polling will be by e-mail, the ballot paper being an e-mail handled so as to provide a secret ballot. Valid votes will be accepted by the Returning Officer until 5pm on the last day of Semester A.
  6. The count will take place immediately the voting has closed and shall be supervised by the Chairman and Secretary of the SCR Committee.
  7. Results shall be announced by the following Wednesday.
  8. Voting shall be by single transferable vote.

Note. There will be at least six vacancies to be filled at each election.

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